I’m an almost 40 year old Christian single woman who has a very deep love for my Savior Jesus Christ. I believe he died and rose again for my sins and I believe he wants me to help you know how great his love for you is and that he will never leave you or forsake you, no matter what you are going through right now.  See, back when I was 19 years old, I was a freshman in college.  During my summer year, I hung out with the wrong people.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 14 years old.  However, after my freshman year, I stayed at college for the summer to catch up on classes.  I had changed my major and needed to get caught up so I could graduate in 4 years.  However, it didn’t go as well as I had liked.  There weren’t very many people staying during the summer and so I made friends with those who were there for the summer.   One of the friends I made was a Satanist, which I didn’t know at the time.  When she pulled out a Ouija board, I about freaked and ran out the room.

I went back to my dorm to read the Bible.  I ended up reading Matthew 12:32.  I thought I had committed the unforgivable sin and from that night on, I was having anxiety attacks and depression.  I really thought I had blown it with God and thought he didn’t love me anymore.  I was not educated in the Bible enough to know that he never leaves nor forsakes you and that his love for you is eternal.  I sought counseling and talked to as many Christians as I knew about what happened.  They tried to tell me God still loved me and that I hadn’t committed the unforgivable sin.  However, Satan kept me from receiving the truth.  I went down an awful path of severe depression where I tried to kill myself.  Fortunately, I didn’t but my life was miserable for 13 years after that night in my college dorm room in 1994.  I ended up in a group home in 1998 because my parents couldn’t help me.  I made very bad choices that just made me very sad and miserable.  I got out of the group home in 2000 and lived on my own.  I thought about God all the time but I still felt like I had done something so horrible to make God not forgive me.  Finally in 2007, I was a Nanny for a family  and I was in this unhealthy relationship and had enough.

It was July 6, 2007 and I was visiting my mom for the 4th of July.  I was convinced the world was coming to an end on 7-7-2007.  I don’t know why, maybe God put that in my heart but I really thought the world was coming to an end and I started praying and crying out to God that if the world didn’t come to an end I would live my life serving him and loving him, if he would take me back.  So, the world didn’t end and I am happy to say that I am no longer in bondage by Satan.   So, I believe my life purpose is to help people who are feeling like God doesn’t love them or forgives them due to something they consider so horrible.   So I have come to tell  you God does love you and he does forgive you for whatever you have done.   I am here for you and would love to hear from you so I can encourage you and tell you that you are the daughter or son of the most High and you are His beloved child.



  1. We are his children always and forever, but to share with you, I for several years thought that God dint love me either, and I had done too many horrible things underserving of his love, so not true!!
    Thank you Jesus for loving me always! just as he loves you !!!


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